Ganesh Cyclone - 52 BY2 B Axis CNC Turnmill Center

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The CYCLONE 52-BY2 is a developed multitasking 52mm bar capacity CNC mill/turn lathe suitable for machining intricate parts. The machine features built-in motorized spindles for the main and subspindle, which can increase machining efficiancy. The machine also features a 36 tool position with 18-driven tools that use capacity collets. The main spindle tooling can position in 5-axis and use up to 21-tools while the subspindle can use a 5-axis by using the B-axis tooling unit. The driven tools are positioned for accuracy to specialize in angular milling, drilling, and tapping. The fully synchronized main spindle and subspindle also feature built in A2-5 spindles to provide maximun cutting torque. There are no belts to reduce spindle torque or horsepower, providing a higher rate of spindle acceleration and deceleration. The machine comes standard with a parts catcher aand parts conveyer for parts up to 6' in length to make bar work easy and efficient. An air-blow device and coolant flush systems clean the collet seat for proper registration of the next workpiece. 

  • Double "Y" Axis for main and subspindle- The tooling carriages feature a separate Y-axis, each with over 18" of Y-axis stroke so that all driven tools can machine the feature on any part of the workpiece. The double Y-axis design allows you to cut with equal efficiancy on the front & rear spindle simultaneously.
  • Full "C" Axis on Main and Sub Spindle- The A2-5 main and the sub spindle both feature an independant full "C" axis. A hydraulic disk brake secures the spindle position for heavy cutting applications.
  • Workholding- Dead length collet chucks are included for workholding to ensure there is no pullback during clamping that would affect linear positioning accuracy. Traub collets are avaliable from Ganesh and numerous other tooling sources in both inch and metric sizes. 
  • Machine Bed- The massive machine base is manufactured from high quality cast iron, tempered and stress relieved to ensure material stability for years of trouble free production. The lubricator is recessed into a bed casting housing to ensure that no passing shear hazards can damage it. 
  • Pre-Tensioned Double-Anchored Balls screws- Premium quality ball screws are pre-tensioned  and anchored at both ends. The geometric ball bar test conducted on each machine checks for servo gain synchronization, backlash, lateral play, squareness, and straightness to ensure your machine will perform to our rigid accuracy and performance standards.
  • Chip Conveyer- The machine is equipped with a 12"-wide steel link-belt style barrel-height (40") chip conveyer for convenient disposal of the machined chips. Chip conveyer advancement is programmable to minimize coolant loss. 
  • Barfeeder Interface- The machine comes with a barfeeder interface to make it easy to add a barfeeder. A variety of optional barfeeders and automatic barloaders are avaliable to meet your production needs. 
  • Electrical Cabinet Air Conditioning- The electrical cabinet temperature is controlled by the included air conditioning unit to maintain a constant temperature providing a long and reliable service life for the critical electronic components.
  • Automatic Lubrication System- The automatic lubrication system monitors low oil level and will stop the machine at the end of the current cycle if a fault condition occurs. 

The full-featured Mitsubishi M720 Multi-Tasking High-Performance CNC controller conrols all 9-machine axis and all of the driven tools.The Mitsubishi control, Servo drive, and motor package have been optimized to take advantage of the rigid machine structures which results in very efficiant machining of complex parts made of wide variety of materials including exotic aerospace alloys.